USC Nylon: Ultra high molecular weight microsilicone and high strength melt-compounded nylon.
■USC Nylon (Pat. 4673598)
Ultimate Silicone Compounded Combination of ultra-high molecular weight microsilicone and high strength nylon for quantum improvement in abrasion resistance. Better surface smoothness and slickness too.

Manufacturing and processing technologies
  ■High Molecular Weight Nylon
Newly developed nylon with even higher molecular weight than our conventional ultra-strength nylon. High levels of straight and knot strength. High performance nylon line that's exceptionally durable, very manageable, with low memory.
  ■ULS (Unresisting Line Shape) Nylon
While identical to regular nylon in terms of basic properties, the surface of this new grade nylon is given a microscopic dimpling configuration to minimize guide friction, lengthening casting distance, and improving abrasion resistance.
  ■UV-Resistant process
Maximum protection against UV damage for vulnerable nylon lines.
  ■Super Dynamic Processing
Uncompromising design with a focus on tenacity, the index of strength and stretch. This new manufacturing technique imparts the line with the energy to endure to the limit. An exquisite balance of strength and stretch to deliver the toughness needed in real life angling situations.
  ■Vivid Dyeing II process
Taking our unique VID technology a step further, this two-stage dyeing technique imparts the ultimate in color expression. The color changes depending on the angle and direction of sunlight.
  ■Vivid Dyeing process
Sunline's unique dyeing technology – vividness, visibility, and softness in one.
  ■Quartet Resin Processing
The next evolution in resin processing: Quad layer resin processing "Quartet Resin Processing" is the next step in the evolution of our proven Triple Resin Processing Technology. A wide variety of resin processes can deliver the ultimate in line quality.
  ■Triple Resin Processing
Retains its strength and suppleness even when knotted "Triple Resin Processing" is a unique process that fills in the spaces between the molecules with resin. As a result, the line is moisture proof, very slick, and resistant to shock and wear.
  ■Stretch Memory Processing (special process for high shape recovery)
Exclusive two-step process that strictly controls line stretch. While retaining enough stretch for tenacity, the process gives the line a high shape recovery for quickly returning to its original length.
  ■Multifunctional Resin Processing
A combination of multifunctional patterns, this processing method adds concept-appropriate function and enhances actual performance.
  ■Double Resin Processing
Enhanced performance with double layer processing In "Double Resin Processing," a double coat of various high-performance resins results in a highly competent line.
  ■Single Resin Processing
Advanced performance and reliability A single coat of multi-purpose resin to enhance the quality of the original line.
  ■ARS Processing
Imparts both abrasion resistance and slickness. Especially effective in achieving amazingly high abrasion resistance.

  ■Parallel spooling
A spooling system which minimizes curling and surface indentation. Feel the difference as the line comes off the spool nice and straight and very smooth.
  ■Non-stress spooling
Tension-free spooling maximizes the qualities of the line. Because no stress is placed on the line as it is spooled, the line comes off ready to deliver superior stretch performance.
  ■Insta-stop Spool
Thin, compact spool for functionality and ease of storage. Spools out smoothly and lets you stop the line surely, quickly, and easily with the “Insta-stop” mechanism. Comes with a handy connected spool stopper.