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Stylish and Fishing.

We would like to introduce about “S-DRY RAINSUIT SUW-20901” of our new wear 2020.

Its adopt S-DRY which is a light-weight, flexible,moisture permeable waterproof material.

It is a redommended rain suits for various lure fishings such as bassfishing, troutfishing, saltlurefishing etc.


The color variations of rain suits has 3 color “black” “red” “turquoise”.
The pants is only “charcoal”.


“Red” and “turquoise” adopt double cuffs that suppress an invasion of water and wind.


“Black” adopt cuffs with urethane coating that does not interfere with movement of arm.


S-DRY’s logo reflect light because it is a retroreflection.


It is excellent water resistant and waterproof too.


This is image when outfited suits and pants.


Launch date will be around the end of April or the beginning of May.

Don’t miss it!