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Why don’t you try jigging ?

Hi, I’m Shoji Matsumoto, employee of SUNLINE International Sales Department.

This time, I will write about PE JIGGER ULT series of my favorite line.


I often go to Sea of Japan, Yamaguchi prececture. Main target is Kingfish.


The depth is around 30m to 80m when I aim kingfish with jigging.


I think that what are most important for jigging are ‘Fast fall’, ‘Notice of bottoming’ and ‘Trustful strength’ .


First is about “Fast fall”.


If you can fall your metal jig to the bottom the earliest, you have a big chance to catch the first bite from fish.


For this reason, PE JIGGER ULT series have special processing.


It is “SSP(Smooth Surface Processing)” and “LSP(Low Strech Processing)”.


“PE JIGGER ULT series is thiner than the old product “PE JIGGER HG series” due to the special processing.


Also, there are no fluff on the line surface. So the line surface doesn’t take water resistance.


As a result, fall speed get fast.


Next is ‘Notice of bottoming’


If it takes too long to notice the bottoming, your metal jig gets stuck on the bottom.



Then, you will have a line break, go out of tune, and lose a chance.


Our special ‘low stretch design’ reduces these troubles.


Elongation(stretch rate) of normal PE lines is around 5 to 7 %, but elongation of PE JIGGER ULT series is 3 to 3.5 %.


In other words, you can feel the bottom immediately when the metal jig touch the bottom. And then, you can move to next motion promptly.


You can transmit an action to your jig even in deep area thanks to the ‘Low Stretch Processing’.


Lastly, let me touch upon ‘Trustful strength’.


Fibers are more compactly braided, and straight strength improves because of LSP(Low Stretch Processing).


I have caught many fish in various fields since the launch of PE JIGGER ULT series.


You can fight with giant fish comfortably !!


Although the price is high, but I promise that you can obtain the most important thing “the confidence”.


When you are wondering “Which braided line should I buy for jigging?”, please try and use it!!!