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Start of a new braided line!!

Hi guys! I’m Shoji Matsumoto, SUNLINE employee.
It is very hot in Japan at the end of May! Short sleeves are enough during the day.
And, I mainly enjoy sesabass fishing in this season.
Rivers are main fields when I fish seabass.

Good results are obtained when conditions such as baitfish, tide level and streamflow are met.
Unfortunately, I didn’t catch a big fish laterly.


For one and a half months, I have used a new braided line which will be released in July.


You may already know that because we shared the information through SNS.


I use turquoise blue color. The size is 16LB(MAX) #1.
(Multicolor is also available.)
The leader size is 16lb(#4)


Now, I want to write about this NEW product.
The new braided line is harder than SIGLON PE which is popular the world over.
Why is it?
The new braided line has a unique processing to make it stronger.
By that processing, the resin penetrates to deep inside of fibers.
And it is more compactly braided.


As a result, abrasion resistance, water repellent and slickness have been improved.
At the moment I don’t think something wrong as for the new braided line 16lb(#1).
But, new braided line’s visibility is inferior to SIGLON PE’s orange and light green color.


If you want to use the new braid with high visibility, I recommend multicolor for you.
It’s simple contents, but that’s all for today.


I will introduce about more details and new braided line’s name.
Okay then, see you next time !